Friday, December 2, 2011

Days In Class 5

Its been quite ages since i shared my jahil puna wid you guys. Loads of stuff happened in between this gap. My whole life changed! i m kinda shareef bachi now :P By the way i have a terrible terrible flu at the moment. And i m sick and tired of wiping my nose after every 30 secs so i have stuck the tissue paper in my nose. Yeah ewwww yuck! Lakin majbori hai yaar! :P

I m still berozgaar. So any one of u reading my this blog and has a vacancy so let me tell u i have done mba in finance and my finance sucks! :P So main char jamatain pass kerne k baad finally panchwin main aye.. and again what happened was that there were so many students so my lovely principal decided that it wud be just awesome to make a new section and throw all these extra lerkian in that section and that section was F. When i was told that i have to go to Sec F the first thing that came into my mind was ‘beta ji section F hai kahin kisi subject main F he na aa jaye! ‘

Class 5F was on the top floor and in the most possible corner. Like koi murder ho jaye tu pata na lagay. I don’t know why the example of murder always pops up into my tiny mind. Haye! Does this indicate that i was become way too much violent?? Okay okay!! Coming back to panchwi class, so my class teacher was mrs ahmed i guess. Gosh what a teacher she was. So there were atleast 40 girls from different classes and it was one of the most awesome class ever! Sheza, sidrah sameed and my old gang was already there wid me. Sadly i don’t remember much about class 5 except that one day i was sitting at the back bench and i cudnt see the board properly. It was maths period and whatever made sense to me i wrote it down on my note book. My teacher took the note books to check and mine came with red marks. It was hard to see where was the blue part! Oh by the way we were allowed to use ink pens in class 5 and writing with pen was like flying in the air! I always felt so ‘respectable and old’ when i used to write wid pen. And the ink pen my mom bought for me had a cat’s head on the top :S seriously i talk too much. So when my maths copy was totally red, like some one has strangled it and the copy choked blood :P aahh agian violent example, my dad thought it was time to get my eye sight checked. Well it was just 0.75. had to wear glasses which my brother always made fun of telling me ‘makhi jese tumhare glasses hain’ From that day till now i wear glasses/ contacts and my eye sight is -5.5 now. tarakki :P

My science teacher, miss khalida. Nice lady but i always used to wait just to see what she was wearing. She had good sense of dressing. And seriously yaar students are much concerned about their teacher’s dressing rather than their studies :P and in class 5 i came face to face with the fact that i can never be a painter. My drawing was terrible!! And thanks to miss khalida for putting a huge red circle on one of my science diagrams and writing a note on it ‘what is this? That was a huge blow for me!! And seriously uptill now i can hardly draw something. Watching those archi students in the uni with those drawing boards.. aahh.. i know how badly my heart ached!

I dont remember much about class 5. But in class 5 i made some wonderful friends with whom i m in contact up till now and they are just awesome. always been there for me when i needed them :)