Friday, December 2, 2011

Days In Class 5

Its been quite ages since i shared my jahil puna wid you guys. Loads of stuff happened in between this gap. My whole life changed! i m kinda shareef bachi now :P By the way i have a terrible terrible flu at the moment. And i m sick and tired of wiping my nose after every 30 secs so i have stuck the tissue paper in my nose. Yeah ewwww yuck! Lakin majbori hai yaar! :P

I m still berozgaar. So any one of u reading my this blog and has a vacancy so let me tell u i have done mba in finance and my finance sucks! :P So main char jamatain pass kerne k baad finally panchwin main aye.. and again what happened was that there were so many students so my lovely principal decided that it wud be just awesome to make a new section and throw all these extra lerkian in that section and that section was F. When i was told that i have to go to Sec F the first thing that came into my mind was ‘beta ji section F hai kahin kisi subject main F he na aa jaye! ‘

Class 5F was on the top floor and in the most possible corner. Like koi murder ho jaye tu pata na lagay. I don’t know why the example of murder always pops up into my tiny mind. Haye! Does this indicate that i was become way too much violent?? Okay okay!! Coming back to panchwi class, so my class teacher was mrs ahmed i guess. Gosh what a teacher she was. So there were atleast 40 girls from different classes and it was one of the most awesome class ever! Sheza, sidrah sameed and my old gang was already there wid me. Sadly i don’t remember much about class 5 except that one day i was sitting at the back bench and i cudnt see the board properly. It was maths period and whatever made sense to me i wrote it down on my note book. My teacher took the note books to check and mine came with red marks. It was hard to see where was the blue part! Oh by the way we were allowed to use ink pens in class 5 and writing with pen was like flying in the air! I always felt so ‘respectable and old’ when i used to write wid pen. And the ink pen my mom bought for me had a cat’s head on the top :S seriously i talk too much. So when my maths copy was totally red, like some one has strangled it and the copy choked blood :P aahh agian violent example, my dad thought it was time to get my eye sight checked. Well it was just 0.75. had to wear glasses which my brother always made fun of telling me ‘makhi jese tumhare glasses hain’ From that day till now i wear glasses/ contacts and my eye sight is -5.5 now. tarakki :P

My science teacher, miss khalida. Nice lady but i always used to wait just to see what she was wearing. She had good sense of dressing. And seriously yaar students are much concerned about their teacher’s dressing rather than their studies :P and in class 5 i came face to face with the fact that i can never be a painter. My drawing was terrible!! And thanks to miss khalida for putting a huge red circle on one of my science diagrams and writing a note on it ‘what is this? That was a huge blow for me!! And seriously uptill now i can hardly draw something. Watching those archi students in the uni with those drawing boards.. aahh.. i know how badly my heart ached!

I dont remember much about class 5. But in class 5 i made some wonderful friends with whom i m in contact up till now and they are just awesome. always been there for me when i needed them :)

Friday, April 1, 2011


Hello hello and hello everyone. its been a long time since i wrote my last blog :) U know what i love the month march. finally got the job and the best thing is our whole group of uni is now "ber sare roozgaar" congrats to bubloo gang :P (wajahat, naveed bhai and sana )
what a week it was! Phew!!! i was totally into the world of cricket.. was so much anxious about india pak match.. i was 110% confident that pak wud win.. khair what ever happened must have a reason behind it. the same old saying "jo hota hai achay k liye hota hai " but one thing is obvious, i m in love wid shahid afridi!!!! i never had "paid" much "attention" to him before.. but now hes my hero.. our hero!!! the one who made the whole nation united!!! love u afridi!!!
one last thing about cricket, srilanka i want you to win the worldcup!!!

okay back to class 4E. i made quite alot of friends in 4th grade.. what i remember about 4th grade are two stories.. one is TABLES!!! and other is principal se pitai!!!

one of the most Farigh teachers of our school was and i hope she still is Mrs parveen (dont know her full name) what a teacher she was!!! she used to speak very "latka latka k " like i wud read a whole page and she wud just say "betaa... kia... ker... rahi.. hain...ap" if u ask my very own personal opinion she was a very "lalchi (greedy) teacher!!! she had her favorites in class and she had named them "snow white" "cindrella" "pretty girl" and God knows what else. it was like we were in disney class instead of maths class. oh by the way she was our maths teacher!
we used to have 2 periods of Maths. in the first period any two girls wud stand infront of the black board (we had green board but saying black has its own effect:P ) and "recite" tables like it was a very sacred thing they were doing and we were "literally" forced to read after them!!! 2 ones are two.. 2 twos are 4.. come on we were 4th graders!!! acha in the first period she wud say us to learn read and revise the tables while at the mean while she used to take "presents" from the class. i dont know till now how cud anyone give her presents forgetting the torture of reading the tables!!! there was a queue in front of her table and the girls used to give her drawings and God knows what else. i remember once i made a drawing for her. i m pathetic at drawing, all my science diagrams were made by my sister, gave her a drawing of a house and mountains behind it and kids playing.. the same old typical drawing which every child makes. wese i wonder sometimes really all kids may not be same but what they draw is always same :P
and yes what i was saying haan tu i gave her the drawing and she just glanced at it and put it among other drawings and didnt even smile at me or looked at me!!!! and from that day i started disliking her!! and one good thing that happened was that i was very good with tables. but who cares?? she ignored my drawing and her reaction got "imprinted" on my heart!
i made a new friend in class 4. mehwish pasha. hello mehwish if u are reading! i hope ur boutique work gets better by every passing day. people u have to eat the chicken cheese balls mehwish makes!! mouth watering!!! mehwish was tall among all the class mates. she was/ is very nice.
ok now the pitai thing, we used to live in dammam and our school was in al khobar. like the twin cities isb and pindi. i used to go to school by bus and had some friends in bus. my best friend sidrah sameed used to go wid me.
it was one of our school rules that students were not allowed to go to Baqala's (shops) one of our bus frnds said something about "jelly balls" in a shop near by school and we got so excited to buy them as they were not available in dammam. but when we reached school, we (sidrah and me) dropped the idea of buying those jelly balls and went to school. just after 2 periods passed principal's assistant came to our class asking for sidrah sameed. and when ever any one was told that miss rahat wants to see her/ him that person was half dead before reaching her office!!! our principal had a very strong hold on the school and she was very very strict!!! and she even looked scary! she was as weak as a skeleton with long braided hair.
after like 15/20 minutes ani (sidrah) came back to class with tear running down all over her face and she was crying her eyes out... and the worst thing that ever happened was she said miss rahat is calling sundus. i was like cudnt move an inch but some how dragged myself to her office. i didnt know why i was called but i was crying like a baby. and just before entering the principal's office ani started laughing. i thought "bachi kishak gai hai" she must have gotten a terrible effect on her mind!! but what she said to me made me speechless for a moment. she said " sundus tumhare gerdan k baal kharey huwe hain" !!!!
khair i entered in miss rahat's room and she was looking as fierce as ever. and she asked me" aap kion gai baqalay per"? even she was scolding/ insulting anyone she made sure she was giving them proper respect. and i was like "miss main tu nahi gai" and tssshhhh five fingers on my face!!! she said" jhoot nahi bolna" i said "miss Allah ka Pakka wada main nahi gai baqalay per" again tssshhh... 5 fingers on my face. and u wont believe me that moment i thought "doosre gaal per thappar maar deytin miss tu kia tha itne dard ho rahi hai"
and how can we forget the beloved ani who was being hit by miss rahat as well.
actually that stupid big fat liar hina made up a story and told her class mate who cudnt swallow the story and told the whole story to the class teacher wid 10kgs of exaggeration. and ofcourse teachers always are Principal's chamchian, reported to her.
Miss rahat never believed that we didnt go to the shop . she called our parents and all but hum free main pit gaye.
and after stepping out from the principal's office we made a vow that we wud never talk to hina ever again!!!

but back there in the corner of my heart some where i think i Love miss rahat parveen!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Days in class 3 E

2011 started and it brought so many good news for me so far. I gave audition on FM 100 and my audition got approved and i got selected :) Have to give endless demos and then => ON air!!! i m gonna have my own show but dont know whn :P
The second best thing that happened is that my best friend cleared her stage 4 of acma.
The third best thing is i finally got an interview call after 6 months from islamic bank.. Its another thing that they didnt recruit(hire) me :P
Fourth I needed a camcorder and my brother sent me as an advance bday gift. thanks bhai :)
Well all these things are not relevant to the title but still i wanted to share all this.
Okay back to what happened in class 3. There were sections from A to I when we were in class two. Of course too many students and too many sections. So what happened was that they did "merger and acquisition" and there were 5 sections left like from A to E. The students were divided among these classes. I was in 3 E. I dont remember much about my third grade except that My class was on the top of canteen and there was a staircase and on the wall of that staircase was a kinda painting of a mosque. And my class teacher was mrs ahmed. Never seen any person like her in my whole life. A wonderful teacher! Hard working and fully dedicated! Her way of teaching was outstanding! Its was our third quaterly xams and i got 43 out of 45 in my english xam and i was just yawning at my paper when i realized that " oye i got second heighest marks in class" Credit obviously goes to mrs ahmed.
I was friends wid a girl named rushna (dont remeber where she vanished after class 3)
and in class 3 my favourite chips was "salad chips"
we used to have a 20 or 25 mins recess and i vividly remember that one day i was in the ground wid rushna and she said "sundus tumhain pata hai yeh kia hai" ? she was pointing at a black stain or blotch on the ground. ok one thing i wud like to mention is that our ground was totally cemented and there were huge white tiles on it. i said "nahi mujhay tu nahi pata "! she said" yaar tumhain nahi pata? hamara school qabristan k uper bana huwa hai aur yeh jo black black haina is per paon rakhoo tu qabristan main insaan chala jata hai"
so i m proud to intimate every one that i have studied in a school which was build on a cemetery! and i did my level best to make sure that every one got aware of that wonderful informative story!
and one thing else a new word became a part of my vocabulary. and that word was "ghinn"
let me tell u all how it came into my notice.
it was social studies period. miss nighat mushtaq's class. and before her class it used to be recess time. and in our recess time we used to devour our lunches like we wont ever get the chance to see anything eatable in our life. and one of our class mate hira sajjad ate jazz ice cream in such a beautiful way that the chocolate was smeared all over her stole (sash)
and the lovely miss nighat was snubbing her in a very delicate voice of her " yeh aap ne kia kia hai? ghinn aa rahe hai aap ko dekh ker "
i went home that day and asked my mom about the meaning of ghinn and for a next few days ghinn was an important word in my guftag o shaneed :P
u know what i just hate the eidting thing. i mean to check all over where i have to put comma where to put full stop and where to use capital letters!
dont remember anything else about class 3. wese class 4 was much fun then class 3. and the reason of that fun was "two ones are two, two twos are four, two threes are six"
wait for the nexxt blog to read about the table of 2 :P

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Days in clas 2 - I

I have been very busy lately. Cudnt get the time to blog. I realized a few days back that i fall into the category of "wailay masroof" loog. Always free but dont have time just because of this lovely "beroozgari" thing.
khair lets start wid the days in class two. In my whole educational career i dreaded going to school in class 2 only. My teacher's name was fatima subhani, an Indian teacher. She looked like a vampire, a wicked witch or some sort of evil hag to me. But to others she was a normal another hard working teacher. And in my personal opinion every one despised her but were not brave enought to show it. Except me. Not on her face of course, but at her back :P
There always used to be a quaid e azam day function in our school. And for that function our lovely miss fatima came up wid a "wonderful idea" of a tablo.( it was called as a tabloo in our school) and for that she started picking up the girls. I was willing to take part in it. But that evil thing didnt pick me. She selected, as far as i remember, 8 girls. They were supposed to wear white frocks, the kind of dresses princess's wear. And if i am not wrong they were also given crowns.
The worst part that kept me nagging was that my neighbour sidrah sameed was selected :(
and these girls used to rehearse almost daily. Some lines from their poem, which they had to sing, and unluckily i cudnt forget were
we shall over come
we shall over come
we shall over come one day..
there will be peace
there will be peace
there will be peace one day...
and i dont remember the rest. How did the function go, i didnt have the slightest clue. To be honest i always thought that it sucked!! But heard that the balloons they all were holding bursted !!! hehe
What else i remember about class two.. lemme think.. oh yeah!! how can i ever forget that, in class two i was first ever being hit on face.
Mrs subhani had a problem. she cudnt control her temper. While having red marks on my note book i always used to have red finger prints on my face!!!
Then i plucked up some courage and told this to my mum. I was even scared to tell my mom. and then my mom complained to the principal. Later on she got fired or left it never became obvious. The teacher who replaced her was mrs shazia subhan. She was lovely. Very gentle wid us.
When she was the class teacher my "being talkative" self was revived!! And because of talking too much she made me sit wid a boy named muzamil, who kept on telling me how "zaberdast" his color pencils were. There was a girl in our class her name was Amna farooq. she was beautiful. She was tall so i used to call her amna baji.LOL One of my class mate, a boy. came up to her and said "amna i love u" hehe. She got so pissed off that she complained to the teacher. And miss shazia was shocked to hear that a 6 or 7 year old boy cud say this to a girl!!
well thats all i remember.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I wasnt expecting such a wonderful respone from all u people. And strangely enough my elder brother and sister appreciated my first post also and bhai even said "take my pw and id and comment on my behalf. u wrote wonderful" :P Thank u every one.
Well i dont remember much about class one. a few things only. mrs saleem was the class teacher. there was an indian girl in my class. dunno what her name was. she had huge light green eyes. the kind of eyes that give u the impression that they wud pop out the moment any one hit u on the head :p
and the thing i remember very clearly is "Quaid e Azam's corpse" :p Actaully in our school we had a statue of Quaid e Azam. and it was being put on the stage on every 25th december function. and some girls spread the rumour that it was quaid e azam's "lash" there was a store room above our canteen, it was locked always. and all the spare things and carpets and tables and statues were put in that store. i guess some girl saw the "uncles" shoving the statue in the store room and and the lash thing orignated from there. and i must confess that i actualy put a fire to that rumour. told every girl within my reach "pata hai pata hai store room main quaid e azam ki lash hai" not only this i created real panic amongst my class mates by telling them scary stories. i even told them k i went into that room and there was blood spilled all over the floor. and suddenly there was a sea of blood and i recited surah ikhlas and some how got out. the whole purpose was to gain popularity among girls. Deeply regret what i did back in class one. trust me, i never told such made up stories ever again in my life. I told all this to my dad and he said "jo bacha jhoot bolta hai Allah talah us ko aag main jalata hai" and i never metioned the word "lash" rest of the year.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Days in KGII- I

I have become quite nostalgic lately! dunno why. i just keep going thru my old photographs wid frndz, old cards which we friends used to give each other and even old letters which we used to write to each other. through out my whole educational career i miss my school life the most.
today i m gonna write some thing about my the days in KG2 at school. i know its quite childih. but this is how i m. a 23 years old girl but with a heart and nature of a 13 years old.
My school's name was Saudi arabian international school Al khobar.
i remember quite vividly when i was giving my admission test for school, i was solving the paper there was a figure of a square, it was maths portion, i knew it perfectly what it was but i heard a boy sitting behind me saying k "miss yeh tu pipe bana huwa hai" and i hadnt got a clue what he was talking about, when the teacher who was there said me "beta paper solve karain. jaldi likhain yeh kia hai " i said her "miss yeh tu pipe hai " i remember she was looking at me like i have horns over my head. she blinked and said nahi yeh pipe nahi hai. i got confused and left that blank :P
khair i passed the admission test and i was sent in KG2-I. i saw that a neighbour of mine was also there in my class. and she was the one who always bullied me while playing at home. i had a very confused look pasted on my face all the time. girls and boys there already had their friends. the girl who was my neighbour, turned out to be my best friend later, was sitting wid a girl and laughing out loud. i felt a sting of jealousy. i had no friends. and i remember it was winters and we had to wear red sweaters. my uniform was green frock white socks black shoes and red head bands and red sweaters. a few days later i manged to make a few friends. one day i noticed a girl wearing a very "awesome" sweater. i wanted the same kind of sweater. i desperately waited for dismissal bell and the moment i got home i said my mom that i hate my sweater and i want a new sweater that girl was wearing at school. when my mom asked me "us ka sweater kesa tha" i said " us ka sweater frock jesa tha" :P
some days later i noticed that my neighbour Ani was sidrah sameed in school. as a kid i never understoood the concept of nick names though i had a very funny nick name at home. ani and i were class mates, bus mates and neighbours. we did not have friendly terms at all. and we used to play together wid some of our other neighbours and always made sure to avoid each other.
miss tallat was our teacher. she was nice. names of my friends were hafsa nd maleeha.
the best time was recess time. we used to take out our lunch boxes and see what our friends have brought. i used to have bambie lunch box and water bottle. and i cherish the xcitement which i used to have while standing in a queue infront of canteen. tasali chilli chips and tomato chips were my favourite. jazz icecream had no comparison. lulu biscuits, i had bought them only for stickers :P and ringoo rolls yum. 1 riyal seemed like 1 million.
i remember, once i missed my school bus my dad dropped me school. he used to come to home for lunch and that day he cudnt. so mom made him a lunch box as well. our lunch boxes were always wrapped in brown paper bags. Our principal was very strict about discipline. she didnt like late comers. and who ever came late had to give her a "full time payshi" I dreaded my principal. i reached school crying, persuading my dad to talk to principal and tell her that i missed my bus and it wasnt my fault. khair she wasnt in the office at that moment and i ran into my class room. during the lunch time when i opened the brown paper bag i was surprised to see a new lunch box and when i opened it , to my astonishment it was chicken kerhai. and my dad took my lunch box which had cheese and jam sandwich in it :P
and i remember the xams period. I always wished before sleeping "plz Allah talah kal alaram na bajay, ameen" i hated xams. And my mom used to get sooo furious at me only during xams. and i never missed the opportunity to be a total dumboo.
yeah one more thing i remember about KG2 is the teacher who used to teach the other section. she was beautiful and i used to make sure that i see her daily. i loved her hair. and now when i think about miss seema i wonder what was so special about her hair that i liked them so much :P