Sunday, November 7, 2010


I wasnt expecting such a wonderful respone from all u people. And strangely enough my elder brother and sister appreciated my first post also and bhai even said "take my pw and id and comment on my behalf. u wrote wonderful" :P Thank u every one.
Well i dont remember much about class one. a few things only. mrs saleem was the class teacher. there was an indian girl in my class. dunno what her name was. she had huge light green eyes. the kind of eyes that give u the impression that they wud pop out the moment any one hit u on the head :p
and the thing i remember very clearly is "Quaid e Azam's corpse" :p Actaully in our school we had a statue of Quaid e Azam. and it was being put on the stage on every 25th december function. and some girls spread the rumour that it was quaid e azam's "lash" there was a store room above our canteen, it was locked always. and all the spare things and carpets and tables and statues were put in that store. i guess some girl saw the "uncles" shoving the statue in the store room and and the lash thing orignated from there. and i must confess that i actualy put a fire to that rumour. told every girl within my reach "pata hai pata hai store room main quaid e azam ki lash hai" not only this i created real panic amongst my class mates by telling them scary stories. i even told them k i went into that room and there was blood spilled all over the floor. and suddenly there was a sea of blood and i recited surah ikhlas and some how got out. the whole purpose was to gain popularity among girls. Deeply regret what i did back in class one. trust me, i never told such made up stories ever again in my life. I told all this to my dad and he said "jo bacha jhoot bolta hai Allah talah us ko aag main jalata hai" and i never metioned the word "lash" rest of the year.


  1. Aww cute one.. Har koi bachpan mein aisi baatein karta hay.. Don't regret it, you were innocent at that time. But glad you have stopped making up stories :D hehe

    Waise bhi mujhe darr bohat lagta hay :P

  2. wesay sunuds khud ko dar nai laga? mien tu iesi afwah pheltay phelatay khud dar jata :P

  3. lol :D choty hoty sy he stories bnany ma expert ho :P kya pta ab b bnati e ho :D
    any way nice post :)

  4. Great post..:D.wonderful description of that Indian girl,dil kar raha tha k samnay hoti tau i would have hit on her head to see her light green eyes pop out..kitna maza aata na..:P

    Keep writing and keep making stories shabash..:P

  5. hahahahha sundus u were too much tobah..
    u've done more good with ur writing power this time

  6. that blood story haunted me for the many days back then

  7. wow sundus u were too creative evn in ur childhood hehehehe kya stories bnai me hoti to bura haal ho jata dar dar k
    ab baar baar tarefain nhi krn gi u got writng skils n u can do evn beter if u try :)