Sunday, December 19, 2010

Days in clas 2 - I

I have been very busy lately. Cudnt get the time to blog. I realized a few days back that i fall into the category of "wailay masroof" loog. Always free but dont have time just because of this lovely "beroozgari" thing.
khair lets start wid the days in class two. In my whole educational career i dreaded going to school in class 2 only. My teacher's name was fatima subhani, an Indian teacher. She looked like a vampire, a wicked witch or some sort of evil hag to me. But to others she was a normal another hard working teacher. And in my personal opinion every one despised her but were not brave enought to show it. Except me. Not on her face of course, but at her back :P
There always used to be a quaid e azam day function in our school. And for that function our lovely miss fatima came up wid a "wonderful idea" of a tablo.( it was called as a tabloo in our school) and for that she started picking up the girls. I was willing to take part in it. But that evil thing didnt pick me. She selected, as far as i remember, 8 girls. They were supposed to wear white frocks, the kind of dresses princess's wear. And if i am not wrong they were also given crowns.
The worst part that kept me nagging was that my neighbour sidrah sameed was selected :(
and these girls used to rehearse almost daily. Some lines from their poem, which they had to sing, and unluckily i cudnt forget were
we shall over come
we shall over come
we shall over come one day..
there will be peace
there will be peace
there will be peace one day...
and i dont remember the rest. How did the function go, i didnt have the slightest clue. To be honest i always thought that it sucked!! But heard that the balloons they all were holding bursted !!! hehe
What else i remember about class two.. lemme think.. oh yeah!! how can i ever forget that, in class two i was first ever being hit on face.
Mrs subhani had a problem. she cudnt control her temper. While having red marks on my note book i always used to have red finger prints on my face!!!
Then i plucked up some courage and told this to my mum. I was even scared to tell my mom. and then my mom complained to the principal. Later on she got fired or left it never became obvious. The teacher who replaced her was mrs shazia subhan. She was lovely. Very gentle wid us.
When she was the class teacher my "being talkative" self was revived!! And because of talking too much she made me sit wid a boy named muzamil, who kept on telling me how "zaberdast" his color pencils were. There was a girl in our class her name was Amna farooq. she was beautiful. She was tall so i used to call her amna baji.LOL One of my class mate, a boy. came up to her and said "amna i love u" hehe. She got so pissed off that she complained to the teacher. And miss shazia was shocked to hear that a 6 or 7 year old boy cud say this to a girl!!
well thats all i remember.


  1. hahahhaha sundus i cant belive that m reading u....u r a pro now, belive me..n this was what that really made me rocl :P,,, how cool were ur days n the way u right them is tremendous...

  2. lolz sundus u got a gud memory mashallah ..i realy enjoy reading ur funny experiences:) i never knew u despised sidra so much:)) n then later on u people became best buddies:)
    so it proves u were a naughty kid since childhood..poor other kids & the teachers lol..i cnt forget ur story of quaid-e-azam's dead was so hilarious..i told everyone at my home abt it:D
    keep sharing ur amazing funny experiences:)

  3. oh gosh! that TABLO! ms fatima slapped me on the tablo day too XD coz i lost my balloons!
    She really was a very angry person.
    Mrs shazia was one the of the sweetest teachers i remember. i remember how we were made to sit a boy and a girl coz the girls together would talk so much, i had to sit with yasir =/
    and sidra sat with muzammil. that's all i remember

  4. @ sheza no i had to sit wid muzamil. i still remember his elastic tie. and believe me he was more talkitive then girls

    @aliya haan we became gud friends in class 5. and believe me i love her so much. i m proud to have a best buddy like her.
    P.S i love u too aliya :P

  5. hahahahha sundus its vry intrstng realy yaar esp ur memories abt dat wickd teachr i jst felt like i was readng sum stry hehehe
    no doubt u got a gud memry n vry gud writng skills too.
    u got da guts yaar keep it up :)

  6. yhewww
    eventualy im succesful to post dis commeent 2 ur blog :p

  7. lol when i was reading this i tried to recall my class 2 days to i could recalled those all i remember is some teachers and my few of my class fellows with whom i continued studying till class 10th and later till graduation as well. one of them is intakhab we sat together in KG1 and then got along till even now :)

    well its blessing that you remember few incidents and you are able to write them so you are unlikely to forget :)

    nice read though it took me to my old school memories.

  8. @khawer bhai thanks khawer bhai :) wonderful comment

  9. you have really good memory :) and its seems "wailay masroof" loog bhi kuch kar shaktey hain :P

  10. hahahahhaha..i love"berozgaari thing"and seriously ur memory is too good :) great job!

  11. Lol.the poem was so should be thankful you were not selected..:p..I must say you have a sharp memory, remembering the names of the teachers even and the lines of the poem and everything in between,mashALLAH.:D.
    On a funny note, it's good to be a 'waila masroof' sometimes and on an even funnier note, try to find Muzammil..:D;)..Keep writing!