Friday, April 1, 2011


Hello hello and hello everyone. its been a long time since i wrote my last blog :) U know what i love the month march. finally got the job and the best thing is our whole group of uni is now "ber sare roozgaar" congrats to bubloo gang :P (wajahat, naveed bhai and sana )
what a week it was! Phew!!! i was totally into the world of cricket.. was so much anxious about india pak match.. i was 110% confident that pak wud win.. khair what ever happened must have a reason behind it. the same old saying "jo hota hai achay k liye hota hai " but one thing is obvious, i m in love wid shahid afridi!!!! i never had "paid" much "attention" to him before.. but now hes my hero.. our hero!!! the one who made the whole nation united!!! love u afridi!!!
one last thing about cricket, srilanka i want you to win the worldcup!!!

okay back to class 4E. i made quite alot of friends in 4th grade.. what i remember about 4th grade are two stories.. one is TABLES!!! and other is principal se pitai!!!

one of the most Farigh teachers of our school was and i hope she still is Mrs parveen (dont know her full name) what a teacher she was!!! she used to speak very "latka latka k " like i wud read a whole page and she wud just say "betaa... kia... ker... rahi.. hain...ap" if u ask my very own personal opinion she was a very "lalchi (greedy) teacher!!! she had her favorites in class and she had named them "snow white" "cindrella" "pretty girl" and God knows what else. it was like we were in disney class instead of maths class. oh by the way she was our maths teacher!
we used to have 2 periods of Maths. in the first period any two girls wud stand infront of the black board (we had green board but saying black has its own effect:P ) and "recite" tables like it was a very sacred thing they were doing and we were "literally" forced to read after them!!! 2 ones are two.. 2 twos are 4.. come on we were 4th graders!!! acha in the first period she wud say us to learn read and revise the tables while at the mean while she used to take "presents" from the class. i dont know till now how cud anyone give her presents forgetting the torture of reading the tables!!! there was a queue in front of her table and the girls used to give her drawings and God knows what else. i remember once i made a drawing for her. i m pathetic at drawing, all my science diagrams were made by my sister, gave her a drawing of a house and mountains behind it and kids playing.. the same old typical drawing which every child makes. wese i wonder sometimes really all kids may not be same but what they draw is always same :P
and yes what i was saying haan tu i gave her the drawing and she just glanced at it and put it among other drawings and didnt even smile at me or looked at me!!!! and from that day i started disliking her!! and one good thing that happened was that i was very good with tables. but who cares?? she ignored my drawing and her reaction got "imprinted" on my heart!
i made a new friend in class 4. mehwish pasha. hello mehwish if u are reading! i hope ur boutique work gets better by every passing day. people u have to eat the chicken cheese balls mehwish makes!! mouth watering!!! mehwish was tall among all the class mates. she was/ is very nice.
ok now the pitai thing, we used to live in dammam and our school was in al khobar. like the twin cities isb and pindi. i used to go to school by bus and had some friends in bus. my best friend sidrah sameed used to go wid me.
it was one of our school rules that students were not allowed to go to Baqala's (shops) one of our bus frnds said something about "jelly balls" in a shop near by school and we got so excited to buy them as they were not available in dammam. but when we reached school, we (sidrah and me) dropped the idea of buying those jelly balls and went to school. just after 2 periods passed principal's assistant came to our class asking for sidrah sameed. and when ever any one was told that miss rahat wants to see her/ him that person was half dead before reaching her office!!! our principal had a very strong hold on the school and she was very very strict!!! and she even looked scary! she was as weak as a skeleton with long braided hair.
after like 15/20 minutes ani (sidrah) came back to class with tear running down all over her face and she was crying her eyes out... and the worst thing that ever happened was she said miss rahat is calling sundus. i was like cudnt move an inch but some how dragged myself to her office. i didnt know why i was called but i was crying like a baby. and just before entering the principal's office ani started laughing. i thought "bachi kishak gai hai" she must have gotten a terrible effect on her mind!! but what she said to me made me speechless for a moment. she said " sundus tumhare gerdan k baal kharey huwe hain" !!!!
khair i entered in miss rahat's room and she was looking as fierce as ever. and she asked me" aap kion gai baqalay per"? even she was scolding/ insulting anyone she made sure she was giving them proper respect. and i was like "miss main tu nahi gai" and tssshhhh five fingers on my face!!! she said" jhoot nahi bolna" i said "miss Allah ka Pakka wada main nahi gai baqalay per" again tssshhh... 5 fingers on my face. and u wont believe me that moment i thought "doosre gaal per thappar maar deytin miss tu kia tha itne dard ho rahi hai"
and how can we forget the beloved ani who was being hit by miss rahat as well.
actually that stupid big fat liar hina made up a story and told her class mate who cudnt swallow the story and told the whole story to the class teacher wid 10kgs of exaggeration. and ofcourse teachers always are Principal's chamchian, reported to her.
Miss rahat never believed that we didnt go to the shop . she called our parents and all but hum free main pit gaye.
and after stepping out from the principal's office we made a vow that we wud never talk to hina ever again!!!

but back there in the corner of my heart some where i think i Love miss rahat parveen!!!


  1. hahahaha rocl yar rocl
    sitting alone in my office n laughing meanwhile reading ur blog... it was very zaberdast kism ka tobah... while reading it i was looking at the scroll bar and wishing it not to kiss the lower tip of the page
    wonderful work

  2. OMG...these principals...u wrote it so well that i could actually imagine and feel all that beating up scene..apni pitaaiya yaad aa gai ye parh kr aur wo teachers ki biased-ness bhi..*sigh*

  3. well you have reminded me my maths teacher Miss Atifa, and my principle i dont remember her name now but both of them were really horrible for me. anyways today i respect them (well i might was more scared of them than respectful in those days).
    any how i cant get the reason that why going to the shop was not allowed ???

  4. yaar saudi main school timings main girls ko shops per jana mana tha

  5. Maths class mein she used to spend one period of tables and the other solving just 4 questions on the board, no matter how big or small, JUST four! wese in class four, miss parveen is the only thing I seem to remember too. :D

  6. lol.. Realy nice post :D
    waisy kahen miss parveen is wja sy napasand to ni then jo tm ko b special name sy ni bulatin then :P :D
    aur yeh women principal's sarial n scary c e hoti hain :P :D
    waisy realy sweet post.... Keep it up :)

  7. Hahaha interesting post.It seems everyone has got a teacher in their lives with whom they share a love-hate relationship and i am not the only one..:D.Waisay, i feel bad for you for those slaps because sort of same thing happened with me as well know muft mein pitna..:D..I can understand your feelings here..:P

    P.S..Let's search for Mehwish..the tall girl..;).and let's find Hina too..hisab barabar kartay hain..:D