Friday, February 4, 2011

Days in class 3 E

2011 started and it brought so many good news for me so far. I gave audition on FM 100 and my audition got approved and i got selected :) Have to give endless demos and then => ON air!!! i m gonna have my own show but dont know whn :P
The second best thing that happened is that my best friend cleared her stage 4 of acma.
The third best thing is i finally got an interview call after 6 months from islamic bank.. Its another thing that they didnt recruit(hire) me :P
Fourth I needed a camcorder and my brother sent me as an advance bday gift. thanks bhai :)
Well all these things are not relevant to the title but still i wanted to share all this.
Okay back to what happened in class 3. There were sections from A to I when we were in class two. Of course too many students and too many sections. So what happened was that they did "merger and acquisition" and there were 5 sections left like from A to E. The students were divided among these classes. I was in 3 E. I dont remember much about my third grade except that My class was on the top of canteen and there was a staircase and on the wall of that staircase was a kinda painting of a mosque. And my class teacher was mrs ahmed. Never seen any person like her in my whole life. A wonderful teacher! Hard working and fully dedicated! Her way of teaching was outstanding! Its was our third quaterly xams and i got 43 out of 45 in my english xam and i was just yawning at my paper when i realized that " oye i got second heighest marks in class" Credit obviously goes to mrs ahmed.
I was friends wid a girl named rushna (dont remeber where she vanished after class 3)
and in class 3 my favourite chips was "salad chips"
we used to have a 20 or 25 mins recess and i vividly remember that one day i was in the ground wid rushna and she said "sundus tumhain pata hai yeh kia hai" ? she was pointing at a black stain or blotch on the ground. ok one thing i wud like to mention is that our ground was totally cemented and there were huge white tiles on it. i said "nahi mujhay tu nahi pata "! she said" yaar tumhain nahi pata? hamara school qabristan k uper bana huwa hai aur yeh jo black black haina is per paon rakhoo tu qabristan main insaan chala jata hai"
so i m proud to intimate every one that i have studied in a school which was build on a cemetery! and i did my level best to make sure that every one got aware of that wonderful informative story!
and one thing else a new word became a part of my vocabulary. and that word was "ghinn"
let me tell u all how it came into my notice.
it was social studies period. miss nighat mushtaq's class. and before her class it used to be recess time. and in our recess time we used to devour our lunches like we wont ever get the chance to see anything eatable in our life. and one of our class mate hira sajjad ate jazz ice cream in such a beautiful way that the chocolate was smeared all over her stole (sash)
and the lovely miss nighat was snubbing her in a very delicate voice of her " yeh aap ne kia kia hai? ghinn aa rahe hai aap ko dekh ker "
i went home that day and asked my mom about the meaning of ghinn and for a next few days ghinn was an important word in my guftag o shaneed :P
u know what i just hate the eidting thing. i mean to check all over where i have to put comma where to put full stop and where to use capital letters!
dont remember anything else about class 3. wese class 4 was much fun then class 3. and the reason of that fun was "two ones are two, two twos are four, two threes are six"
wait for the nexxt blog to read about the table of 2 :P


  1. conrats sundus...bhht maarkey maarey aapne saal k shuru me he =P...good luck for the year ahead...i see you use REAL RICH vocabulary now =D......nice post once again

  2. lol ab tu aise aaala vocabulory ho gai hai k na poochoo loog kano ko hath lagate hain :P
    thanks :)

  3. hehe... nice post... enjoyed reading it... =)

  4. pehly to achi khushkhbrian sunai hain :P jaldi jaldi on air aao phr tmari batain sunain :P
    baki about 3 class sb nice likha ha :& waisy tmary marks sy to lagta ha k tm kafi parhako bachi the :P
    chalo ab jaldi sy 4th ki story b likho :P

  5. dint find it too much funny as to that of class 2,,,tum jaisy jaisy bri hoti jarahi ho kum shrarti hoti jarahi ho?? :) well memory 10/10, vocablary 10/10, audience interest 10/10 :)
    despratly waitin to watch what were u doin in ur class 4,,, by watch i mean that ur words r pictorial its like watching ur past in a video